Cross-Media Marketing

Joining forces for unmatched results.

We’re shooting response rates into the stratosphere with cross-media marketing—a dynamic duo of direct mail and online marketing that joins the best of both worlds for unmatched results. Here’s how it works:

Direct Mail Pieces
First, we design direct mail pieces that include personal web addresses (PURLs) featuring recipients’ own names.

Personal Websites
PURLs lead to personal websites that include applications with pre-populated fields or act as welcome pages with links to other sites. We even make personal websites easily accessible with QR codes.

Follow-up Emails
For recipients who don’t respond within a set timeframe, we’ll send follow-up emails that explain your campaign details and contain live links to individuals’ personal websites.

Reporting Dashboard
Gauge your campaign’s ROI with our reporting dashboard. Use it to determine:

  • Cost per visit
  • Cost per lead
  • Cost per conversion
  • And much more!

Multiple Uses
Cross-media marketing works for countless campaign types, including:

  • Grand Opening RSVPs
  • Foundation Donations
  • New Movers
  • Screenings
  • And more!

Unbelievable Pricing

  • Free copywriting
  • Unlimited design time
  • Contact us for specific pricing