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Creating Strategic Marketing Tools.

Harness the marketing power of health information. Our healthcare magazines and publications are all about getting results by informing, engaging and inspiring your readers to take action. Plus, everything from copy to visuals can be customized to your needs, merged with your content and reflective of your hospital’s or clinic’s image—and it’s all produced according to your schedule. You can be involved in the process as much as you want, or not at all. Whatever you need, just say the word and consider it done. 

As always, our prices are amazingly affordable, and the price we quote you is the price you pay. Guaranteed.

Our creative team knows what it takes for your healthcare magazine/publication to survive the mail sort. Fresh, innovative designs cut through the clutter, and one-on-one attention along with unlimited design time ensures all your needs are met. In the end, you’ll have a magazine/publication that reflects your brand and conveys your message in a smart, compelling design that really stands out.

Our copywriters will provide as much editorial support as you wish, and can help you select healthcare articles from our extensive library or create original copy just for you. Our dedicated team of writers will write and edit copy to any extent you like, and will gladly do extensive research to gather facts, interview medical professionals, and speak with your staff and patients about any topic you want covered. We will also provide unlimited proofreading and ensure all content aims to reach your goals and generate results. 

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Connecting with Target Audiences.
We have a thorough understanding of healthcare consumers. Discover how we can connect you with your specific target audience.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

" has been invaluable in creating a better understanding of how philanthropy is transforming our ability to provide healthcare to our community. Their team helped us address one of our greatest challenges – building awareness of how the services and programs offered at Kirby are a direct result of generous donations. I appreciate their creative approach in promoting awareness through the creation of a pocket folder/brochure. We feel confident in the information that we are now able to promote and provide to our generous supporters."

- Sarah Ross - Monticello, IL