Using an Educational and Preventive Approach to Draw Patients

In the past few years, patients have been approaching their healthcare differently – they’re overall more active in their own health, often researching symptoms on the internet before even calling a doctor, and are more focused on preventive and holistic care. Just as patient needs shift, so too must your healthcare marketing.

Healthcare marketing is about connecting to the population as well as delivering health-related messages and information. Today’s patients don’t typically respond well to healthcare marketing that sounds like you’re trying to sell them something – they’re much more likely to engage with your organization if you deliver educational and preventive messaging.

When you focus your marketing on educating and offering preventive care and advice, you build trust between you and your population. It shows you’re truly here to help them, not to sell them a procedure or medication. And when you have that trust, your organization will be top of mind in a positive light when those people need a doctor.

This educational and preventive approach to marketing can be carried out in a variety of ways. Just a few general ideas include:

  • Personalized postcards and emails advising preventive procedures (i.e., breast exams or flu shots)
  • Health tips and factoids shared through official social media pages
  • Educational pages about diseases, exercises, etc. on your organization’s website
  • Mailers with useful emergency information that can be kept on hand can help you craft your message and reach out to your population with both digital and print marketing. If you think your organization can be doing more to connect with your patients, contact an account executive today.


Posted by Becca Cooper - October 02, 2019