Stats & Facts to Guide Your Next Direct Mail Campaign

When planning a direct mail campaign, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the sheer number of decisions you have to make. Which format should I use? Do I want variable data? Should I incorporate digital media channels?  

The answers to these questions of course depend on a variety of factors, including your goals, budget, etc. But knowing a few key facts and statistics can help you make more informed decisions about your campaign specifics. Just check out the insights below:

 When it comes to format, bigger is generally better.  

According to an article on, oversized envelopes outperform all other direct mail formats – boasting an average household response rate of 6.6%. The reason for this is likely due to the format’s exaggerated size, which naturally makes it stand out more in the mailbox. But the very fact that it’s an envelope might also contribute to its success, as consumers may perceive mail in an envelope as being more “official” (which, in turn, may increase its likelihood of being opened and read). 

Curious to know which other direct mail formats tend to fare well in the marketplace? The article states that postcards and letter-sized envelopes rank as the second and third most successful direct mail formats, respectively, in terms of response rates. 

Personalizing your pieces can generate greater results.  

Detailed mailing lists and variable-data printing make it extremely easy to incorporate recipient names into your direct mail pieces – and doing so is well worth your time and effort. After all, including an individual’s name (along with full color) to a direct mail piece can boost response rates by 135% (

But personalization can go far beyond just names. Consider segmenting your audience by age or gender – and tailor the design and copy to better speak to each group. Whatever you can do to personalize your pieces and speak to audiences on a more individual basis will strengthen your chances of a successful promotion.

 Supplementing your direct mail pieces with a digital component is a smart strategy.

There’s no doubt that direct mail is a powerful marketing tool. (It apparently yields better response rates than any other marketing channel, according to However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement – and that’s where the digital component comes in. By combining direct mail with one or more digital elements (instead of having direct mail do the job alone), response rates can increase by as much as 118% (

That’s a huge number – and one that shouldn’t be ignored. So when planning your next direct mail campaign, look at the bigger picture and consider supplementing your campaign with other channels, too. Think emails, web graphics, cross-media marketing and more.

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Posted by - May 30, 2018