Social Media Tips and Tricks

Take your social media to the next level! We’ve seen our clients get great results implementing these tips and tricks. We hope they help your social strategy as well!
Regularly Update Your Website
Being active on social media goes beyond updating your platforms! Make sure that your website is up-to-date on all current happenings, including special campaigns, events and other timely topics. Having specific landing pages for the topics that you’re posting about will help improve the clickthrough rate. 
Post Blogs and Share Them on Social Media
Who knows your industry and community better than you? No one! Even a quarterly blog would help you position yourself as an expert in your community. Remember to post on social media about your recent blog to bring traffic to it! (This is especially powerful on Facebook and LinkedIn.)
Post Volunteer Pictures of Your Employees Serving in the Community
Giving back is an important part of any organization. People are drawn to places that put others first and work towards bettering the community. Showing your involvement in the community will give people a positive association when they think about your organization.
Boost Posts
We strongly recommend that our clients boost posts regularly on Facebook. When you post something on Facebook, it’s only seen by your followers which doesn’t always help grow your engagement or following. With boosting, you’re pushing content out to the friends of your followers and reaching a wider audience. While testing the boosting spend is recommended, we see a lot more movement when we boost a post for $50 or more. 
Batch Content
Social media is tough. It’s easy to burn out and lose sight of the goals for the page(s). This is why batching content is recommended! Batching content is when you create multiple posts at a time rather than one at a time. Setting aside part of one day a week to prepare for the coming weeks is helpful to avoid content fatigue. If being the primary social media provider at your organization is leading to burnout, can lessen your social load significantly. If you’re interested in our social posting program, reach out to an account representative today!
Posted by Adeline Savignac - July 20, 2022