SHSMD Connections: 2018 Conference Recap

Early this October, our very own Account Executives Emilee Guderyon and Bentley Geldard traveled across the country to attend the Society for Health Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD) conference, “SHSMD Connections,” in Seattle. This made it our ninth consecutive appearance there as a company.

It was quite the busy conference. We sat in on a couple different sessions with topics about employee engagement. It was fascinating to learn about the foundations for employee engagement – summed up as information, interchange and inspiration – which can be achieved through different marketing channels by being simple, flexible, useful and consistent. We can’t wait to show you how we apply this knowledge to make our products the most effective for healthcare organizations!

When we weren’t sitting in on a session, we were manning the booth, where we met clients and prospective clients. Before the conference, we mailed every attendee a real $1 bill, which they can bring to our booth to see if their serial number matches ours – and if it does they win $100 cash right then and there!

We can’t even count how many people told us how our mailer was the only one they brought with them to the conference, and how creative and fun it was – some even wanted to use the idea for their own campaigns! Everyone at the conference was there to learn, grow and network. Our mailer helped drive traffic to our booth, where we used our samples, results and solutions to demonstrate how we can save them time, stress and money. And who doesn’t want to save on those?

We weren’t all business, though. Most of our job is done behind a computer or over the phone, so when we had the chance to spend time face-to-face with clients and prospects, we took it – and had a blast! From karaoke at the Hard Rock Café to a trip to the Pop Art Museum, it was great to have this chance to get to know our clients on a more personal level. It is invaluable in helping us understand what being a healthcare marketer is all about.

We were thrilled to represent at this conference, but don’t worry if you missed us. If you want to know more about us, just click here or give us a call at 800.777.1663. And if you’d like to request an welcome kit with samples and price lists, click here. We look forward to hearing from you!

Posted by Becca Cooper - November 01, 2018