Reaching Out – Marketing Behavioral Health Services

Behavioral health is a growing area for healthcare marketers. As a service line, it generally has not been advertised as widely as physical health services. However, mental health issues are becoming increasingly destigmatized, and the need for services like drug abuse treatment and elder mental health counseling has grown. Now is the time to consider your marketing tactics for this branch of your hospital or clinic.

As you revisit – or create – your marketing plan for behavioral health services, consider these tips:

Make connections.

Referrals are an important part of behavioral health. Network with and promote your services to primary care physicians, community and social service agencies and other professionals or groups to establish positive relationships and future referrals.

Target your ads.

Even if you provide a wide range of behavioral health services, specialize your marketing materials to target audiences for the best results, rather than spreading your message too thin with a generalized “mental health services” message. For example, reach out to parents with information on your child and adolescent services or target retirement communities to introduce your counselors that specialize in depression in the elderly.

Manage your online reputation. 

While declining, negative stigma still exists for people with mental illness and the clinics that serve them. Managing your online reputation is important to ensure people feel good about what you do. Sign up for Google Alerts to receive a notification every time your hospital or clinic is mentioned. Address negative mentions and reviews and promote positive ones. Utilize your website to post updates, press releases and blog posts to create a positive conversation around your community involvement and leadership in mental health treatment. 

Talk to us today about targeted mailing lists and our PatientConnect program to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for your Behavioral Health Services.



Posted by Paige Michels - July 13, 2018