Reach Your Goals with Tailored Marketing

Two annual reports are better than one for Hendry Regional

From hospitals in bustling metropolitan areas to clinics serving multiple rural communities, no two healthcare organizations have the exact same goals and approaches. We take the time to get to know you, and we’re happy to design and produce pieces that fit exactly what you have in mind – just like we did with Hendry Regional’s annual reports.

Two audiences, two reports

A small hospital in rural Florida, Hendry wanted to reach two separate audiences with their 2017 Annual Report. Instead of covering patient and Foundation information in what would be one lengthy report, Hendry worked with us to create two cohesive, yet distinct, reports that would be mailed out to two separate audiences:

Current patients and potential patients

Through one report, Hendry wanted to reach current patients and potential patients with information about available services and to communicate how they had used taxpayer money to positively impact the community. 

Foundation members

Hendry also wanted to create a second annual report to be sent out just to their Foundation members. This report recapped the year’s fundraising, recognized donors and introduced fundraising goals for the upcoming year. The Foundation report also included feel-good stories that showed the positive impact of donations and encouraged Foundation members to participate in more upcoming events. To achieve that goal, Hendry incorporated a perforated reply card for recipients to fill out with contact information.

“This was a new venture for us in trying to capture user information,” said Electa Waddell, Hendry’s Marketing and Foundation Director. “The perforated card garnered us a new board member who has been a blessing and asset to the Foundation and our fundraising goals.” 

Thinking “twice” made all the difference

The information in each report spoke precisely to its intended audience, and separate reports ensured that readers weren’t overwhelmed with an abundance of information. We were able to help Hendry not only cut down on costs but also help them be more strategic in communicating relevant information to the right audience. was also able to create a mailing list that zeroed in on Hendry’s ideal audience.  

If you’re interested in tackling a tailored marketing piece or campaign like Hendry’s, get in touch with us. From price to creativity to production time, is here to exceed your expectations in every area. No project is too big or too small, and when you work with us, you’ll always be working with the same creative and marketing team members. Just think of us an extension of your in-house marketing department.

Posted by Kim Ziehr - November 30, 2018