The Importance of Personalization

What’s in a name, you ask? Everything. People respond to their name. Research indicates that even children under sedation respond selectively to the sound of their first name ( What does this mean for your marketing efforts? Again, everything. A recent article by The Financial Brand says, “Thirty-three percent of consumers who abandoned a business relationship did so because personalization was lacking” (

Personalization means more than just using a recipient’s name though; it also means promoting products and services that appeal to a person’s specific needs and wants. The Forbes article “Why Marketers Must Think ‘Personalization’” explains: “Today, people have access to a wide range of content from…an obscene number of channels. Due to this deluge of information, people naturally get their interests piqued by content that is tailored to their interests and needs. All the rest just flows on by and never gets a read. Personalized content talks directly to your target audience and offers the exact solution they are looking for” (

The good news is that offers easy, effective ways to increase personalized marketing for your healthcare organization:

  • PatientConnect
    This revolutionary marketing platform is designed to help you pinpoint your most promising prospects and transform them into your most valuable patients. We’ve partnered with LionShare® to provide exclusive access to comprehensive healthcare data, allowing you to identify your best prospects for a variety of marketing efforts: ongoing service line promotions, one-time campaigns, monthly new mover programs and more. It’s a win-win! Your message is sent to those most likely to respond, and those who most need your services receive information personalized to their needs.
  • Targeted Mailing Lists
    Whether you’re targeting patients, healthcare professionals or community residents, we can access lists to reach any demographic (age, gender, income, etc.) in any geographic region. Plus, we can access a radius list around any specific address, targeting those closest to your location or event.
  • Personalized Direct Mail
    We can include recipients’ names on direct mail pieces, as well as on email messages and online landing pages. In addition, we can do all of the above for your next promotion with cross-media marketing to achieve unmatched results. 

With all the ways to personalize your message, there’s no reason not to – and the benefits are big! “Personalization drives results,” says Forbes contributor Stephen Diorio ( You can start today by talking to an representative. Here’s what Steven Weiss of Edison, NJ, had to say about our services: “From the strategy meeting to execution… [was] extremely knowledgeable and a welcome partner for this very important marketing tactic. The ROI produced from the new movers campaign exceeded our expectations.”



Posted by Charity Wanta - February 21, 2018