HEALTHCARE MARKETING SOLUTIONS Achieves Platinum Certification for Marketing Automation

The power of Marketing Automation (MA) is continuing to expand, as well as our client base. As of March 2019, we are excited to announce that we have achieved Platinum Certification with our MA platform!

We originally completed Silver and Gold status by having our MA Specialists pass a series of exams focusing on platform understanding and application. Platinum status is the highest level of certification and can only be attained by growing the number of MA clients. We say thank you to our clients who have helped make this achievement possible!

Our MA technology is powered by SharpSpring. It’s an online platform that combines comprehensive analytics and behavioral targeting. We manage all the details while you reap the rewards of this powerful program. Here’s how it works:

  1. Generate trackable leads for your website. We’ll create attention-grabbing promotions that guide recipients to your website via an online form or email.
  2. Gain insightful data and real-time analytics. You’ll be able to monitor your website visitors’ actions, helping to spot growth opportunities and improve market strategy.
  3. Trigger automatic email campaigns. We’ll send timely offers and service information to certain recipients based on their specific online behaviors and webpage visits.

Marketing Automation provides the technology you need to focus on the individual needs of your target audience. Promotions are spot on for recipients and effortless for you. This is timely, personalized marketing. This is what works! Experience the power of Marketing Automation by contacting an account executive today.

Posted by Charity Wanta - May 01, 2019