How to Read Success on Social Media

Are you worried about the engagement on your social media pages? Look deeper into your numbers! While likes and shares are important, getting some behind-the-scenes insight is more impactful. This includes making sure you’re regularly looking at the analytics on the individual platforms you are posting to, making sure you are using techniques that work with the newest algorithms and making changes to current processes to stay as relevant as possible.
Check your analytics
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn (among other social media platforms) offer analytics. To many people, these numbers may not say a lot – but to a trained eye, they offer many answers. Take the time to learn about these metrics and how to measure the impact that posts have on your page. (Psst! Keep an eye out for an explainer video from IW later in the year. We’ll give you a rundown of how to read analytics there, but in the meantime, there are lots of tools online to help you.)
Understand algorithms and how to use them
Stay agile in the social age! Social platforms are constantly changing and it benefits you to keep up with the algorithm updates. As a current example, Instagram changed to include Reels and started promoting those over static images. Many people called Instagram out for copying TikTok and said they wanted back the photo-sharing app they were used to. After this backlash, Instagram is changing its platform back to being a primarily photo-sharing app. Keeping up with this kind of news helps you understand the content you are posting. Now that Reels won’t be as widely featured on the app, it’s time to figure out the next algorithm driver.
Update current posting schedules and templates to boost engagement 
Based on the analytics, algorithm changes and personal preferences of your page and how you’re posting, make regular changes to get the most out of your social efforts! To stay relevant on social platforms, you need to be okay with trying new things, even if you aren’t sure how those will perform on the page. 
If you want help with your social media plan, reach out to an account rep! Through the social media posting program at IW, your social media coordinator will keep an eye on analytics, research the most up-to-date algorithm changes and make changes in current processes to help you see more movement on your page. If this sounds like it would benefit you, reach out today!
Posted by Adeline Savignac - August 05, 2022