How to Create Effective Email Marketing – And Why You Need To

Whether we are working or playing, at home or on the go, one thing is certain: We’ll be checking our email. 

At least 91% of users check email daily, according to one study, and we use our email on average six hours per day. So how can you best reach and educate your healthcare organization’s patients and potentials? By getting in their inbox. 

Of course, it’s not just getting into their inbox. You have to create compelling emails that ensure they’ll be read in their sea of emails. In 2019, the average email open rate was 22.1% – that’s why your organization has to stand out from the start. Here’s how: 

Create compelling subject lines 

If you don’t have an attention-grabbing subject line, you’ll sink before you get a chance to swim. Make it enticing, personal and, most importantly, 50 characters or less (they should be able to read it on their phone screen). 

Segment your emails 

If you break up your subscriber list into smaller groups, you can personalize emails to be relevant for each recipient (i.e., by gender, age, services received, etc.). A person is more likely to open something they can relate to or have experience with. 

Use Marketing Automation 

Our powerful platform simplifies email campaigns by automatically scheduling email blasts (for example, when a patient books an appointment, as a service reminder, etc.), helping you earn trust while making marketing easy. 

Educate your patients

Sending out electronic publications that inform patients, not just sell your services, leads to a higher level of trust – and helps them remember your organization when they are seeking those services. 

Don’t clutter their inbox

The fastest way to annoy a person and make them click “unsubscribe” is by sending too many emails too often. Retain a stable email list by choosing a reasonable timeframe (perhaps weekly, monthly or quarterly) and informing subscribers of this when they sign up. 

You might be thinking, “I already offer quality services and/or do plenty of other marketing. I don’t need email.” Perhaps, but a truly effective marketing campaign is diverse, and email is not to be overlooked in that mix. 

According to a study by VentureBeat, email generates better return on investment than any other channel surveyed; it’s even 40 times more effective than social.

At, we can easily convert your print publications and other marketing materials into a digital version, giving them new – and wider – potential. 

Reaching your patients and potential patients by providing quality information through email is a vital marketing strategy, and one that your devoted team can easily put together for you. 

Contact us to see how we can help improve your email marketing campaigns today! 



Posted by Katy Macek - October 14, 2020