Healthcare Marketing Topics for Summer

Patient education is important, but are you continuing it outside of the exam room? Create a trusting relationship between your organization and patients by marketing throughout the year with timely educational materials. Maintaining regular communication is a key component to establishing trust with your community. Plus, keeping it timely draws more interest – so let’s talk summer marketing! 

National Men’s Health Month

Let your patients know that June is National Men’s Health Month and share statistics about men’s health. Take this time to educate patients about the unique health issues men face, such as prostate cancer and other urology issues. Unfortunately it's more common for men than women to not schedule regular visits without experiencing serious symptoms or being told to by a loved one, so share why annual visits are crucial in preventing the development of serious conditions. 

Skin Cancer Awareness

Summer is a great time to encourage patients to go out and get some extra vitamin D! Remind patients how important it is to practice sun safety and prevent the damage that the sun can cause without proper precautions. Choose something they can practice, such as wearing broad-spectrum SPF of at least 30 and reapplying every two hours, along with knowledge to broaden their understanding, such as the difference between UVA and UVB rays. Providing the context of why patients need to do something is a great way to help them understand why it’s important for their health. 

Water Safety

Prevention is vital to healthcare and swim safety is most timely during the summer. Teach patients how to prevent drowning with water safety tips. Be sure to mention water safety for any situation, such as ocean safety even if you don’t live near a coast, to help those headed to a vacation at the beach. Consider offering a seminar on water safety to give your community crucial knowledge that helps establish your organization as a resource for them to lean on.

Prepare for School

It’s time to think ahead for the school year! Let your community know the services you provide to prepare kids to go back to school. Send a reminder for parents to get their children immunized prior to school starting and to schedule sports physicals before the season starts. You can even market to the entire family to make sure everyone has an annual checkup scheduled. 

Recipe Cards

Send out postcards or magnets with recipes to not only promote healthy eating, but also as a reminder of the different services your facility provides. Let know what type of recipe you’re looking for and we’ll do the rest! Pair a heart-healthy recipe with a reminder of your cardiology services or a low-cholesterol recipe to remind people of the importance of annual visits with a PCP. While this is a great marketing effort year-round, choosing summer recipes like salads or tacos makes sure you’re on theme with the season! 

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Posted by Sarah Clark - May 08, 2024