Gain Attention With Animation

Welcome to the world of moving pictures! I’m not talking about the entertainment developments of the early 1900s. It’s time to liven up your online marketing with animated videos, which are “attracting attention because they are easy to consume and take very little time to enjoy, offer call-to-action capability, and deliver an emotional impact that can connect your business to your audience” ( Here’s how you can use animation to your benefit.

Promote a product or service. You can use animation to invite viewers to an open house, advertise a new service or show off a product. “Including video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80 percent” ( Check out this sample GIF (graphic interchange format, a file format for animation) that invites viewers to an upcoming fundraising race.

Gain Attention with Animation

Show that you’re personable. A survey in Time magazine reported that two-thirds of millennials polled said GIFs communicated their thoughts and feelings better than words ( Moving images allow you to express emotion and more clearly show what you’re trying to say. These images are “a powerful strategy for companies that want to connect and engage with their target audience online” ( When your organization appears more personable, potential consumers are more likely to choose you over the competition and will feel more comfortable when they visit. 

Provide clear instructions. Do you want to explain how to fill out a form or take medication? You can make instructions easier to understand through video: “Some people are visual learners, and instructions are remembered better when taught visually versus with words alone” ( 

Leave a lasting impression. Animated images make a message more memorable because “we process visuals 60,000 times faster than text,” and our brains hold onto those visuals longer ( It’s likely you can easily recall a few of the most recent GIFs you’ve seen online.

Grab viewers’ attention. When viewers scroll through social media, animation stands out. It’s more likely to make someone pause and look closer than a block of text or a static image would. You can catch the eyes of casual observers online by placing animated videos in these places:

  • Social media – Increase your appearance as a helpful friend.
  • Emails – Make yours stand out with movement.
  • Blog posts – Tell a story or provide instruction with visuals.

Wherever you put your animated video – and however you use it to connect with your audience – just be sure yours is high definition, has quality audio (if you decide to include sound) and stays short.

If you’re thinking this all sounds great but wondering where to go from here, turn to Our talented designers and creative copywriters can put together some amazing animation for you! It will be captivating to watch, helpful to your audience and sure to take your marketing to the next level. Talk to your account representative today to get started.


Posted by Charity Wanta - April 15, 2020