Employee Spotlight: Cassie Redmond

The polar vortex has (hopefully) passed, but either way, that is no problem for this designer! As a true Wisconsinite, Cassie loves the snow. She would rather be bundled up with her American Bulldog, Shero, than lying on a beach and sweating up a storm. Regardless of the snow clouds and sub-zero temperatures though, Cassie continues to shine here at Starting as a Production Designer in 2017, Cassie has quickly risen through the ranks with her strong work ethic and unique eye for design. In the fall of 2018, Cassie won “Best in Show” at the Suttle-Straus Creative Throwdown contest and has recently been promoted to Graphic Designer after just one year! 

Describe what you do on a day-to-day basis.
Some of my day is spent working with my own clients. Since I’m new to the Graphic Designer position (previously Production Designer), I am still building up my client list. So, most of my day is helping designers on my team with their work overflow.

What brought you to
It was a fairly average beginning; I applied for the position and got the interview. What was unique about IW was the interview process. It was with Mark (the company owner) and three art directors. It was a very casual interview but also very sincere. I could tell that I was being analyzed not just by my work, but by my personality. The entire team here at IW has been carefully curated to be hard workers who have great personalities and fit well with one another.

How has helped you grow?
Our turnaround here at IW is very quick. I’ve learned how to make quick decisions about designs and be confident in what I produce.

What is your favorite Wisconsin sports team?
Quad Squad and The Unholy Rollers from Madison Roller Derby. I’m biased because two of my best friends are on those teams.

What do you think is the most admirable characteristic a person can or should have?
Being genuine.

Do you have any weird or irrational fears?
I have a serious fear of people in gorilla costumes.

What does leadership mean to you?
Constant support and being pushed to do my best work. All of my best mentors and leaders have given critical feedback in a supportive environment to improve me and not just the bottom line.

For more fun facts about Cassie, click here!

Posted by Lianne Peters - February 20, 2019