Crafting Compelling Content: What Your Audience Actually Wants to See

As a healthcare organization, you and your team bring heaps of knowledge to the table. You’re the experts, but are you expertly sharing information to your patients and other audience members? To effectively market your organization and position yourself as a leader in the industry, it’s important that the information you share is actually valued and consumed by your audience. 


Here are some ways to create compelling healthcare content: 


Pick Your Platform Wisely


Even if your content is spot on, it won’t reach its full potential unless it’s communicated through the right channel. Longer articles, like blogs, are great pieces to host on your website. Fast facts and data can get the point across quickly through infographics posted to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Did you capture some awesome pictures from your last community event? Post it on Instagram! Sharing a mix of content on your digital channels will engage different audiences and help each bit of content find a perfect home. 


And while you’re at it, consider sharing your knowledge on some less-conventional platforms, like online discussion threads and support sites. Even with Facebook’s popularity, sites like Quora and Reddit are still full of users looking for answers. 


Find Out What Your Audience Wants 


Your organization staffs a team of experts – all shining in different areas. But chances are, your audience isn’t composed of healthcare professionals. Take your knowledge, and instead of diving into intricate details and using medical jargon, consider which areas of your specialty are most applicable to the typical patient.


Additionally, keep your content timely. With the hottest months just around the corner, consider sharing swimming safety and sunscreen tips. Around the holidays, post some healthier recipes for traditional dishes or ways to combat stress. Your health is always relevant – now just explore ways to focus on a topic and resonate with your audience. 


Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask your patients! Your doctors probably already know what types of questions patients are asking. Consider sending out a short survey via email or creating a poll on social media. 


Break it Down 


As mentioned above, it’s likely that your audience members aren’t healthcare professionals. Even if you’ve written and shared a lot of content on one particular topic, treat each article, post, etc., as the first time someone is coming in contact with the subject matter. If you’re following up on something that was shared earlier, be sure to make that clear.  


Also, be conscious of how readers consume content online. Use bullets and headers to make articles easy to skim and digest. Well-organized, to-the-point content will help readers get the information they want quickly – and keep them coming back.  


Tip: As a healthcare professional, you’re probably comfortable writing about the gory details of a procedure or health condition. While some in-depth explanations or visuals may need to be shared to get the point across, consider toning down the nitty-gritty details for your readers. 


If you’d like more advice on creating relevant content – or want a partner to help you get started – give us a shout today!  




Posted by Audrey Meis - June 10, 2020