3 Ways to Be a Resource for Your Community

For healthcare organizations both large and small, providing quality care is always the number one priority. But these days (especially in light of the pandemic), it’s becoming increasingly clear that providing quality education is immensely important, too.

Of course, educating your community takes time and effort – but it’s well worth it. For starters, an educated community will likelier be a healthier one. Plus, during the process of educating your community, you’ll have the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and compassion for those you serve – which could benefit your bottom line in the long run. 

Here are three ways to enlighten area residents while solidifying your reputation as a trusted community resource: 

• Hold seminars.
Whether the topic is timely (e.g., COVID-19 prevention) or timeless (e.g., heart health tips), seminars offer a great way for community members to learn important information and become acquainted with various members of your healthcare team. (If you don’t want to invite crowds to your hospital or clinic during these times of social distancing, consider hosting a seminar through a virtual communication platform such as Zoom.)

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• Distribute regular publications.
A quarterly or bimonthly publication not only allows you to share important updates about your healthcare organization, but also gives you a dedicated space to educate community members about specific health conditions, general wellness and more. You might choose to organize each issue around a central theme (e.g., cholesterol, cardiovascular health, mental health, etc.), or incorporate a variety of topics relevant to your readers each time.

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• Share educational animations. 
Want to offer information in a format that will stick with audience members for the long haul? Consider animations! According to statistics, humans process visuals 60,000 times faster than they process words alone,* and many people retain visual messages better than they retain text.** Use animations to educate consumers on any topic you wish, and then place the animations on your website, social media platforms, waiting room screens, etc.

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Posted by Molly Kant - February 17, 2021